Charan has been practicing as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist for over 10 years. His Experience includes working with the Kenyan National Olympic Team as a Physical Therapist. Charan has been in a private practice in Canberra since 2007. He has an interest in musculo-skeletal rehabilitation and chronic fatigue syndromes.

Treatment Includes:

– Cranio-Sacral Therapy

– Muscle Energy Techniques

– Dry Needling Therapy

– Exercise Rehabilitation

– KT Taping

– Motivational Interviewing

– Individual Home Exercises


Sports Medicine 

With Techniques like dry needling therapy, low level laser and KT taping we can help you stay in track to better manage your training load.

Chronic Disease Management 

The right exercise prescription can help in the management of certain chronic diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression. Our clinics use the latest exercise software to assist patients with not only correct technique but also to help with motivation.