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Flu Vaccine

Influenza (or the flu) is a highly contagious, acute viral infection that spreads easily from person to person.

Influenza vaccines (known as the Flu Shot) are vaccines that protect against the influenza viruses. A new version of the vaccine is developed every year to keep up with the rapidly changing virus. The vaccine provides modest to high protection against influenza.

Our clinic offers both a government and private flu shot. Government Vaccines are available for patients under the age of 5 or living with a chronic illness. For patients over the age of 65 the government provides a super vaccine in 2019. We run flu clinics throughout the flu season to make sure that everyone has the chance to be protected.

For all private patients please call our reception to make an appointment for a script on 02 6294 9366.

2017 was one of the worst years for influenza, so make sure you vaccinate yourself against influenza before the 2019 flu season hits.